"Your's wasted. You know, you remind me of someone. Yeah, one of my best customers." - Joule to Rion

Joule is a drug dealer that makes his business out of the Babylon Hotel. His room on the second floor is protected by a heavy barricaded door, possibly after suffering numerous attempted attacks by rival dealers, and Rion must use a secret pattern of knocking to gain access. Upon first seeing him, the dealer comments that Rion looks "rough as a dead leaf" and that he is an addict. He is impressed that Rion was able to identify a few names from his drug inventory and he also gives him a D-Felon sample (although he does expect Rion to pay up later). When Rion asks him about Lilia, he says that he doesn't know anything but recommends the boy to try and get information from the hotel's plumber Crovic in room 201. Upon scanning outside his door, Rion can see Joule dancing and listening to music. His bathroom is plastered with various magazines of women. It is possible, because he said that Rion looked like one of his best customers, that he met Cain before. Joule is one of the many guests of the hotel that is eventually killed during Rainheart's massacre.

Joule is the only guest in the Babylon Hotel that appears in the Galerians: Rion OVA. Unlike the game, he is never killed by Rainheart after his meeting with Rion.



Trivia Edit

  • In the movie, Rion is able to enter in his room without knocking. Also, the guy that say him to go in room 204 doesn't appear. Since the latter knows the knocking combination, he is arguably one of his affiliates.
  • In the movie, he says he has every type of drugs that exists in the world; calling Nalcon, Red and Delmetor "special drugs". He comments that he heard they give the "best high" but no one knows because everyone dies after taking them. Joule still has some of them and he comments that he was going to use them but that Rion can "let him know how they work out in afterlife."
  • Despite being perhaps one of the less hostile guests in the hotel, if not more likeable, he is not above selling dangerous drugs to Rion who is a teenager and also encourages him to keep using drugs by wanting him to come back later and pay his tab.
  • Since he has a barricaded door, it can be assumed that Joule has been a long time guest in the Babylon Hotel.