Masked Soldiers are a type of enemy met only during Stage A and seen in the opening FMV of Stage D. They are humans working under Dorothy with military training, making them more challenging in combat than the security guards. They wear red-eyed gas masks with a numbered helmet and bulletproof jacket.

While they are fought only during Stage A, they are not be bound to only Michelangelo Memorial Hospital. Dorothy commanded a group of soldiers as they are also seen protecting the entrance to Mushroom Tower but are defeated by Rion during a cutscene. One of them also seemed to know Rion's name and was surprised to seem him there.

They are armed with a powerful rifle and will shoot Rion from a distance or will inflict damage to the player with a melee strike if they are too close. Being shot by their rifle will always make Rion fall to the floor and it is quite easy for these rifleman to lock the player in a pattern of being hit and then hit again as soon as Rion gets back up on his feet. They are much more dangerous than Doctors and Hospital's guards, being highly resistant and very fast to attack. Sometimes, in addition to their basic patrols, they will be seen stationary and lying in wait around a corner. Once the player gets close enough to their position, they will quickly turn around and attack.

In the Galerians: Rion OVA, they are seen being under the control of Dr. Lem and were ordered to attack Rion. Unlike the games, their rifles are also capable of firing drug darts filled with blue Delmetor serum that stopped Rion's short.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon the soldiers use is similar in appearance to the M-16 assault rifle although it is only seen being fired as a single-shot weapon in the game. Romero from Galerians: Ash also uses an assault rifle but his weapon is seen being fired automatically.