Recovery Plus (強力回復剤) is the stronger version of the healing item Recovery Capsule that is introduced in Galerians: Ash. It is shaped like the Skip tablet but it is orange instead of green. Recovery Plus is a powerful medicine that will completely restore all of Rion's lost HP unlike the Recovery Capsule, which will only restore a set amount. This medicine essentially works the exact same way Recovery Capsules worked in the first Galerians.

Because Rion can pick up permanent HP stat boosts from defeated enemies, Recovery Capsules will slowly become less and less effective at restoring his HP to maximum. Recovery Plus completely heals him and it is usually the best healing item to use during the late game. No enemy in the game will drop this item upon death and it can only be found in the field or given out by Lilia at the beginning of the game, if Rion has exhausted all his healing items beforehand. Pick-ups for this item are quite rare and it is suggested to use them only when completely necessary or when a HP/AP healing spot is not close-by.