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  • Sannse

    The future of this wiki

    September 5, 2017 by Sannse

    I'm writing this same blog on galerian.wikia, and galerians-garerianzu.wikia

    It seems there have been some problems on these wikis, which have resulted in issues including an apparently compromised account and large scale vandalism.

    This isn't acceptable, these wikis have communities that care about them, and who should be left to build them into a great resource for the games.

    As I see it, there are two choices here - either you coexist peacefully, or you merge into one wiki. Closing any of the wikis is not an option.

    So let's talk, how can you move on from the recent problems, and leave each other to your respective communities?

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  • Sannse

    Issues on this wiki

    September 1, 2017 by Sannse

    It seems there is a lot going on with this wiki and the other Galerians wikis at the moment

    I have blocked the original founder here because it seems to be a compromised account. I have also removed admin rights from those he promoted.

    I'm not sure what the root of all this is, and don't really have the bandwidth to investigate further. So to those involved: unless you are an established member of this wiki, please move on. Thank you.

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